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Srishti Hukku

As a member of the global community, my Kashmiri Pandit roots have given me the strength to embrace adversity. My time in Silicon Valley drives my entrepreneurial spirit and my enthusiam for technology. And, making Canada home while living and studying all over the world makes my unique approach culturally competent and people-focused. This breadth of perspectives means that I am usually a bridge – between think tanks and activism, between East and West, between history and the future. It also means that I’m drawn to people and institutions that celebrate intellectual independence, practice inclusion and champion change with integrity.

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What brings you here?

Whether you need help innovating in a complex system, someone to listen humbly to your existential, emotional, ethical or equity issues or something in between, let's connect and shape the future together.



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Unleash Your Potential

Culturally competent and inclusive Global Gallup Strengths Coach to support you through any challenge.

Challenge the Status Quo

Creative advisory services that leverage interdisciplinary expertise to advance your organizational objectives.

Build Bridges

Leading workshops, delivering keynote speeches at community events, providing secular, evidence-based care and ceremonial officiant services for all life's moments no matter how big or small.

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When I was searching for my first job out of university, Srishti coached me on my job interview skills. Srishti provided me with a lot of insight into what employers expect from a candidate and patiently guided me on properly framing my answers to their questions. As a result, I landed my dream job abroad!

Health Advocacy & Social Justice in Action

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International Anthropology Conference

June 2022

International Humanist Conference

June 2022

International Abortion Conference

May 2022

Canadian Health Law, Policy & Ethics Webinar

March 2022


Sexual & Reproductive Health Tech & the Law

February 2022

Secularism as Antidote to Racism Webinar

January 2022

Human Light Host

December 2021

Humanist Chaplains: A Canadian Milestone Webinar

October 2021

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